My name is Thomas, and I am a social scientist. An asocial one. 

I study social practices, the ways in which people make societies. The smaller, the better: have you ever considered how difficult life is? When I consider how difficult life is, I like to start small. But you won’t find any reductionism around these parts, on the contrary: I am a proponent of complexity. The same processes that created humans out of stardust in a few billion years surely should be able to account for humans’ propensity to turn their world into dust within a few years.

Jag hör hemma i skogen och har alltid gjort det.
Anledningen till detta kommer ändå ingen fatta.

Per Yngve Ohlin

Believe it or not, this isn’t a strong selling point, professionally. I’m not as curmudgeonly as my potentially radioactive interests suggests. So you may want to hire me for the more conventional work that I do:

Technical Knowledge

I love computers, and computers love me. You most likely will appreciate my experience using the full Microsoft Office and the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite in professional settings. And if you don’t have the money to pay for these apps? I know all the free alternatives, and I have laptops running Linux. We’re in business.

Language Policy

Ok, this is a pretty niche zone of interest, but I love languages, and I love people who love languages. If you like puns, I probably have a soft spot for you. And look, I don’t like following the rules either, but they do a lot of work for language. If your linguistic interest involves cultural programming? Bonus points.

Cultural Expertise

As an established observer of humans, I have built up a pretty decent understanding of how culture works. I know popular culture quite well, but if you’ve read this far, you should probably expect me to know a lot more about hikikomori than U2.


I have been teaching for a very long time. I actually went to school to be a teacher, and then somehow I became a teacher to go to school. As a result I have taught in primary schools, high schools, and colleges, and even as a professional I got to do seminars to train my teammates. And loved every minute of it.

One can only demand of a teacher that he have the intellectual integrity to see that it is one thing to state facts, to determine mathematical or logical relations or the internal structure of cultural values, while it is another thing to answer questions of the value of culture and its individual contents and the question of how one should act in the cultural community and in political associations.

Max Weber